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Tube Well Drilling and Construction

Drilling and constructing a tube well is not just a simple task. It needs the right scientific methods to identify the best location, the depth of the well and finally the right machinery and equipment for the water requirement.

1. Site Selection

Initial scanning should be done to locate the best location to start drilling. We do all the required initial site scanning and monitoring for your proposed tube well.

2. Drilling the tube well

We drill the required depth of the tube well even to the bed rock to find pure water in all around Sri well technicians sri lanka

Depth of the tube well and the may very according to the purpose of the well. Ex: smaller and shallow wells for domestic water supply and deep and large bore for industrial and irrigation water well technicians sri lanka

3. Constructing the Tube Well

We provide all the required equipment, pumps, tubes and accessories for your tube well. We only use the best quality and the most suitable equipment for all our projects.

Piling and Shoring for Constructions

Nowadays, most of the large scale structures build on concrete piling to avoid any sinking and uneven earth conditions.

We provide concrete piling and shoring services for your constructions in every scale.

With a proper basement, your building will last long without any earth based problems.

Repair and Maintenance

Once the tube well is drilled and constructed, we keep your well fresh and running without any breakdowns. We do all the repairing and maintenance. And we provide all the required parts, accessories, high tech machinery and well experienced professional to handle our every well technicians sri lanka